Strategic Assessments

Working with Hinge allowed us to gain better perspective on our employee productivity and working capital needs so we could stop reacting and start planning. The financial tools they created have been enormously helpful in better managing our business.


Our client is a legal recruiting firm which has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and correspondingly, has increased its recruiter headcount. Faced with an increasingly large organization, our client tasked Hinge with developing a customized financial model to better monitor individual recruiter production and efficiency and to evaluate the firm’s proposed new commission structure and project its impact on working capital needs.


Hinge met with our client’s leadership team to understand the firm’s growth, its recent headcount expansion and its potential new commission structure. With specific emphasis on being able to easily track performance on an individual recruiter basis, the Hinge team then crafted a detailed financial model which projected and summarized production by recruiter and illustrated the financial impact to the firm of the proposed new commission structure. Hinge also created dashboards which illustrated real-time recruiter production and efficiency vs. stated goals.


Legal Permanent Placement Recruiting Firm • Growth Phase


  • Create customized financial model to monitor individual recruiter production and efficiency
  • Evaluate the firm’s proposed new commission structure and project its impact on firm financials and working capital needs


  • Meet with founding team to understand growth and new commission structure
  • Construct customized model with detail to the individual recruiter level
  • Model financial impact of new commission structure
  • Create simple dashboards to allow leadership to easily monitor performance vs. goals


  • Created dynamic yet simple tool for management to monitor its employee production
  • Modeled financial impact of proposed new commission structure, leading management to tweak its plan