Model Outsourcing, Training & Excel Help

We knew we needed help from Hinge when our Excel formulas started growing faster than our crops! Hinge simplified our forecasting process and allowed us to better organize around a new set of financial tools, helping us continue to achieve our ever-present goal of better managing risk.


Family owned and operated, our client’s row crop and pork production business had over time grown in both scale and complexity. Beyond the need for standard accounting, the business faced an increasing number of variables that impacted financial results from crop prices to crop yields, from input prices to hedging instruments and beyond. Hinge was engaged to both simplify existing Excel tools and to create new, more integrated tools to help better manage risk.


Hinge began by quickly auditing existing financial tools, improving functionality and reducing complexity. Requirements for a new, more integrated financial projection model were then identified to enable better cash flow predictability and quick scenario analyses. Minimizing business interruption, the Hinge team launched the new modules in beta form and quickly incorporated feedback improvements in real time.


Farming Enterprise • Family Owned and Operated


  • Transform and simplify current Excel financial tools
  • Create new, in-depth projection model
  • Develop sensitivity analyses to better assess business risk and corresponding impact on financial statements


  • Evaluate, audit, rebuild and simplify existing Excel tools
  • Design new, robust financial model to better project cash flows and impact to Company balance sheet
  • Develop sensitivity analyses which demonstrate the financial impact of various input assumptions such as crop prices


  • Streamlined existing Excel tools, decreasing time and effort to maintain them
  • Creation of new projection model and input sensitivity tools
  • After project completion, client engaged Hinge on a retained basis to managed reporting and ad hoc scenario analyses