Business Marketing

We ran a profitable business for over 40 years, but had no idea how to retire. The Hinge team helped us professionally interact with investors and understand the process from their perspective, ultimately maximizing value for our family business.


After 40 years growing a successful equipment rental company, our client needed help preparing the business for sale. The founding family had little experience interacting with investors and needed to focus on the daily burden of running the business. After a bad experience with the first potential investor, the Company decided to engage Hinge to help ready the Company for sale.


Hinge conducted an in-depth business review and constructed a detailed financial projections model to highlight the Company’s operating performance and its ability to generate strong free cash flow. Hinge then created a professional investor information memorandum to maximize investor interest and limit the volume of incoming diligence requests. Lastly, the Hinge team helped design a powerful management presentation and coached the core management team on delivery.


Equipment Rental Company with Multiple Locations • Family Owned and Operated


  • Review and evaluate historical operations
  • Quantify and project financials
  • Communicate story to investors
  • Maximize exit value for existing owners


  • In-depth review of business
  • Build detailed financial projection model
  • Establish appropriate valuation range
  • Create a confidential information memorandum highlighting the Company‚Äôs history, operations and growth prospects
  • Educate owners on exit process and create investor management presentations


  • Robust sales process with many interested parties
  • Minimized business interruption while maximizing exit value