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We Are

We help businesses make better decisions. As a boutique consulting firm with deep expertise in management consulting, investment banking and private equity, Hinge Analytics understands the needs of growing businesses. While we work with clients on all kinds of complex and unique endeavors, we spend most of our time creating ingenious financial modeling solutions. We also help our clients understand and communicate with investors, identify capital requirements and more efficiently manage their growing businesses.

Our team comprises veterans of consulting, investment banking and private equity – all of whom embrace and hold firmly to a few core beliefs:

  • We believe in the power of numbers and financial analysis to support business decision making
  • We believe in the combination of deep expertise and customer service
  • We believe our clients' needs are unique and our solutions should be crafted accordingly
  • We believe in doing exceptional work and that the integrity of our work should always trump the bottom line
  • We believe the best measure of our success is the success of our clients

Hinge removes the barriers created by larger firms, and unlocks the power of small, dedicated and client-focused teams.

We Do



Need help creating budgeting tools in Excel? Hinge can help your company quantify and express your business plan. From sales volumes, costs and expenses to assets, liabilities and cash flows - Hinge has you covered.

Cash Flow Modeling

Is cash king? We think so too. Understanding and tracking every inflow and outflow is fundamental to business success. Hinge can build tools to help eliminate surprises and increase cash flow efficiency.

Working Capital

Don't let liquidity become a drag. Let Hinge create tools to help manage your cash conversion cycle to generate cash when and where it is needed.

Start-Up Financing & Planning

Hinge can help turn your idea into something tangible. From concept exploration throughout build and launch phases, understanding and modeling early-stage capital requirements is of vital importance. Let Hinge help you demystify the process and secure the money you need.

Exit Planning & Monetization

Ready to cash in on all those years of hard work? Let Hinge help you maximize value and determine the best exit strategy.

Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis

Need to answer the questions, "what if...?" Financial models are rife with limitless assumptions. Hinge can help build tools to test the robustness of your model and increase your understanding of the relationships between model inputs and outputs. When assumptions might deviate from expectations, Hinge keeps you prepared.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Time to get down to the brass tacks. From basic valuation methodologies to complex securities and value analytics, let Hinge help you with both the art and the science.

Accretion / Dilution

Need help determining complex accretion / dilution? Hinge can help assemble the moving parts needed in order to give decision makers the tools they need to quickly assess a potential deal.

Pro Forma Analysis

Anyone can guess at future performance, but proper pro forma analysis can instruct value and shape strategy. From cost reductions and synergies to revenue enhancements and working capital, Hinge is the right partner to help you bring the combination together.


Debt / Equity Financing

Deciding between equity and debt financing can be challenging. Whether you need help raising money or minimizing your cost of capital, Hinge has your back.

Transaction Financing

Need help modeling financing scenarios? Hinge combines objective analysis with broad industry experience to help clients evaluate and execute complex strategic transactions.

Shareholder Recapitalization

Have existing shareholders decided to partially exit? Is excessive cash a blessing and a curse? Whatever you need, Hinge can help model the impact of significant changes to your company's capital structure.

Growth Financing

What type of financing is available and appropriate for high-growth companies? What determines the optimal mix of debt and equity? Whether you're an entrepreneur or an experienced CFO, Hinge can take the pain out of a quantitative approach to fueling growth.

Capital Needs Assessment

Whether you're starting a new business or managing an old one, how capital flows into and out of your business is absolutely critical and inevitably difficult to manage. In the presence of too much capital, too little capital or poorly applied capital, Hinge can assess and provide a framework to maximize capital efficiency.

Strategic Assessments


Time to get down to the brass tacks. From basic valuation methodologies to complex securities and value analytics, let Hinge help you with both the art and the science.

Business Plan Evaluation

It is your roadmap to success. Whether you need a business plan, need planning advice or want to quantify and project financials, the Hinge team has the experience to help make the road less bumpy.

Growth Strategy Assessment

Growth strategies can be expensive. Before adopting a critical idea or strategy, let Hinge help you evaluate and determine how much growth you can afford and any key downside risks.

Competitive Landscape Evaluation

Need to review the competition by customer segment, value chain or geography? A high level understanding of where you can compete and win can accelerate profitable growth and identify hidden pitfalls to avoid. Lean on Hinge to increase your relative strength and ignite your growth strategy.

Operational Benchmarking

Is it time to see how you stack up versus the competition? Whether you're trying to enhance revenue or reduce costs, Hinge has the experience to make your long term goals a reality by highlighting key peer performance benchmarks.

Valuation Benchmarking

Trying to figure out how companies in your space are valued? Trying to figure out why your stock trades at a discount? Hinge can help you make appropriate valuation comparisons or solve the mystery of a perceived disparity.

Capital Structure Optimization

The variety of funding vehicles has never been larger. From straight equity to subordinated debt, from hybrid instruments to equity-linked solutions and project bonds, finding the right mix for your long-term strategy can be daunting. Hinge has been around the block and is ready to help.

Succession & Shareholder Planning

Actively pursuing succession strategies is important to all stakeholders. Whether ownership is changing or you need help modeling equity compensation alternatives, Hinge can help develop the tools you need to plan accordingly.

Transaction Planning

Need help determining how much M&A your company can take on? We know that opportunities come and go quickly and that decision makers must be prepared to make informed decisions in short order. The Hinge team has the experience to help you dig through the data, to assess risks and to get to the right decision quickly.

Business Marketing

CIM Preparation

You know your business, but you might not know what investors want to see and how they want to see it. Let Hinge help you craft your message and deliver it in an investor friendly format.

Investor Presentation Preparation

Need to create a compelling presentation that will resonate with seemingly hard to impress investors? With vast experience both dealing with investors and acting as investors ourselves, the Hinge team is the perfect liaison to help your company either pique investor interest or keep existing investors smiling.

Model Outsourcing, Training & Excel Help


Minor formula errors can wreak major havoc on your financial models or Excel spreadsheets. Let the Hinge team audit your files with a fine tooth comb, ensuring your work is error free.

Troubleshooting Excel

Have a tricky Excel problem you just can't crack? Ready to throw your keyboard against the wall? Let the Hinge team solve your Excel problems for you, saving you time and frustration.

Model Assessment & Redesign

Looking to optimize a financial model you already have up and running? Trying to figure out the best way to lay out your financial model in Excel? Hinge can help. Our team has created thousands of models and is the perfect partner to help you turn your existing model into a highly functional work of art.

KPI Dashboards

Do you have too much data in too many places? Are you looking to create a simple summary to help monitor the performance of your business? Let Hinge help you identify and summarize your business' key performance indicators into a simple, easy to read dashboard. No pilot license required.

Special Projects

Have a unique problem you think the Hinge team can help with? Please contact us - we love unusual and complicated endeavors.

Corporate Training

Looking to increase the financial savviness of your team? A little knowledge can go a long way. From basic Excel training to complicated financial modeling, Hinge will create and teach customized lesson plans for your team.

Model Outsourcing

Do you dream of having a dedicated team of professionals build and regularly update your financial model for you? Let the Hinge team make your dream become a reality. Working on a monthly retainer, the Hinge team will keep your financial model up-to-date and running smoothly 24/7.

Love Us

Hinge fielded an experienced, cohesive team that understood our start-up's thesis and was able to clearly articulate our story to potential investors. Above all, we appreciated their honest advice and straightforward approach...

Children’s Accessories Start-Up

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Working with Hinge allowed us to gain better perspective on our employee productivity and working capital needs so we could stop reacting and start planning. The financial tools they created have been enormously helpful in better managing our business...

Legal Permanent Placement Recruiting Firm

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We ran a profitable business for over 40 years, but had no idea how to retire. The Hinge team helped us professionally interact with investors and understand the process from their perspective, ultimately maximizing value for our family business...

Equipment Rental Company with Multiple Locations

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We knew we needed help from Hinge when our Excel formulas started growing faster than our crops! Hinge simplified our forecasting process and allowed us to better organize around a new set of financial tools, helping us continue to achieve our ever-present goal of better managing risk...

Farming Enterprise

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We love being at the center of it all. At Hinge Analytics, we pride ourselves on being the connector or the “hinge” that allows our clients to nimbly and intelligently pivot to meet their unique objectives, either with third parties, such as lenders or investors, or within their own team.


Hinge takes a specialized and nimble approach to our consulting projects. We remove the barriers created by larger firms and unlock the power of small, dedicated and client-focused teams. We are passionate about the work we take on and pride ourselves on finding simple solutions to complex problems. We don’t outsource, use third party software or create models that are too complex to be useful.


Hinge loves taking on all kinds of interesting projects, from straightforward to complex, from large to small.


Absolutely. While many of our clients are large organizations, our nimble approach creates efficiencies that are often most desired by smaller companies and start-ups that can’t engage our larger competitors. Hinge appreciates that our projects are often more critical to the success of early-stage businesses and we enjoy leveraging our team’s experience to deliver tremendous value to the clients we partner with. No project is too small or too complex.


All industries. The Hinge team has experience working with clients across a vast array of industries. Our specialized and nimble approach recognizes that every client and their needs are unique, regardless of the underlying industry.


Length of project varies based on scope of work and client needs. We have completed projects in as little as a few days and have worked on larger, more complicated projects which have taken several months to over a year to complete.


Pricing varies based upon scope and length of project. Please contact us to discuss your specific project needs.


No, Hinge builds all of its financial models in Microsoft Excel and does not use any special add-ins. We avoid creating models that are too complex or require too much software to be useful.


Your secrets are safe with us. It goes without saying that Hinge employees who have access to confidential information are not permitted to use or share the information for any reason. We work hard to make sure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to protect all client information. Where it makes sense to do so and it is our client’s preference, Hinge will also work with fake or placeholder data to prevent possession of confidential information.


Fill out and submit the Contact Us form and we will be in touch shortly. Consultations are free and we would love to start a conversation with you.